Providing superior care for those individuals with substance abuse problems. Our foundation is built upon providing a safe haven for the delivery of services while maintaining the highest level of service excellence.

About Lake Haven

About LakeHaven

LakeHaven Recovery Center is dedicated to helping every person who walks through our doors who have an alcohol or drugs addiction.

The Treatment Center

The Treatment Center

We have strived to make our residential and treatment environment as comfortable as possible to complement your journey into recovery.

Treatment Services

Treatment Services

Our client-centered treatment services are designed to provide the most intensive treatment experience possible.

Family Service

Family Services

As we know addiction is a deadly disease that is devastating on the individual. However what are too often gets overlooked is the impact addiction has on the family.

My experience at Lake Haven definitely change my life! After over 30 years of drinking with several failed attempts at quitting, I never dreamed I could live a life of sobriety.The knowledgeable, loving, caring, staff gave me the tools I need and showed me how to use them to be sober and happy.As Lenny says, they loved me until I learned how to love myself! I am forever indebted to all the gang at Lake Haven for helping this miracle happen! I hope to further my education and make a career of helping others the way these folks helped me!
Rebecca F.
LakeHaven Recovery Center offered me everything I needed to grow into the person I was meant to be. They gave me the tools to grow spiritually and mentally. Also, the staff at the facility never gave up on me no matter how many times I screwed up. They pushed me constantly only towards the positive and taught me how to get rid of the negative. Having so many positive people around made it much easier to accept these changes. It came down to a point where I got that moment of clarity and made the conscious decision to stop messing up. Everyone knew it was time for me, it just took a little bit of time for me to accept it. The types of treatment this place offers is on the cutting edge of the mental health field. Everything that is being done here is geared towards change, change for the better. I am so thankful for everything that has been offered to me here. Words Cannot express the type of gratitude that I feel towards every single member of Lake Haven. It’s never too late to change your life, and this is the type of place where it could be accomplished.
Eric R.
I want to thank everyone who works at LakeHaven Recovery Center. Our son Joe was just home for a few days and it was awesome to see him progressing and finding his way. Special Thanks to Kim, Asia, Drew, Jimmy, Pam and Jessica. Everyone goes out of their way when we have spoken to the staff.I recommend you guys all the time! I am very active in Addict’s Mom and it is nice to be able to direct people to where we have had a good experience!Thank You…
Sue and Joe R Sr.