"You are stronger than you seem, braver than you believe and smarter than your think you are."

About LakeHaven Recovery Center

LakeHaven Recovery Center is dedicated to helping every person who walks through our doors who have an alcohol or drug addiction. The goal is to provide the best possible care ensuring that each individual is treated with compassion, dignity and respect so they may enjoy a lifetime of sobriety and success. The objective is to help an individual save their life.

At the LakeHaven Recovery Center alcoholism and drug addiction is treated as a primary illness. Alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease that not only impacts the person, but families as well. It is a disease that impacts a person’s physical and emotional well being. We also know, from experience, that in many instances not only are there alcohol and drug dependencies but also co-occurring mental health issues. Through a working relationship between the individual and the highly trained staff at LakeHaven Recovery Center, a partnership is developed. As a result of this partnership an understanding occurs about the substance abuse and mental health issues in order for an individualized client centered treatment plan can be developed.

The staff at LakeHaven Recovery Center wants to provide you with the help you need in order for you to battle the disease of addiction and work towards a lifetime of sobriety.

  • Are you using alcohol or drugs every day to make it through each day?
  • Are you experiencing legal problems and in many instances these legal problems are a result of alcohol or drug abuse?
  • Have you experienced problems with interpersonal relationships?
  • Have you tried to cut down on your use of alcohol or drugs and have been unsuccessful?
  • Has a loved one, a friend or an employer expressed serious concerns regarding your use of alcohol or drugs?
  • Have you regretted or been embarrassed regarding behaviors you displayed while under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may have a serious problem with alcohol or drugs and help is only a phone call away. You have the ability to address your alcohol or drug addiction and the staff at LakeHaven Recovery Center is here to assist and support you on your journey to sobriety.