LakeHaven Additional Information

Additional Service Offerings

Outpatient Service

Our Evening Intensive Outpatient Program (EIOP) is offered three nights a week, three hours a night, for a minimum of four weeks. Here the individual can continue their treatment at LakeHaven Recovery Center where they will not experience a disruption in their treatment. Disruptions can occur if a person had to transfer to another treatment program. Also traditional Outpatient Services can be provided where they will see a therapist weekly in individual or group therapy.


Transitional Living

LakeHaven Recovery Center’s Transitional Living Program has men’s and woman’s Sober Houses. These houses have been designed to provide additional support for men and woman coming out of our treatment program. In the Transitional Living program the men and woman are expected to work and take responsibility for the cost of their shared rent and food. The Sober Houses are supervised by LakeHaven Recovery Center staff. The residents must attend AA/NA meetings, participate in EIOP / outpatient or aftercare and agree to once a week drug screens. Transitional living provides the support and accountability that recovering individuals so often need to maintain their sobriety.

Aftercare Support

The aftercare support groups are provided free of charge to all successful program graduates. It is a time and opportunity where individuals can continue to receive the support of staff and their peers as they continue on their life time journey to continued sobriety.

The Alumni

Our Alumni, although sponsored by LakeHaven Recovery Center, take responsibility for planning events, developing their own Facebook Page and generating an Alumni Newsletter. Our commitment to the clients who walk through our doors goes beyond the day they complete treatment. We intend to remain part of their lives for as long as they will have us. We have and will maintain a lifetime of support for the individuals we treat.


Pathways 2 Work

LakeHaven Recovery Center recognizes that alcohol and drug addiction impacts so many areas of a person’s life. One of those areas is in respect to employment. All too often men and woman  who have substance abuse problems have not been able to find and maintain employment.  Being able to be self-sufficient is a key component to maintaining a person’s sobriety. At  LakeHaven Recovery Center we have a specific service to address this most important issue.  Pathways 2 Work is a work readiness program that is provided to our clients. Pathways 2 Work  provides job placement services that provides clients with the tools to develop life and career  goals. Pathways 2 Work will help clients obtain and maintain competitive employment by  working with clients, one to one, through several transitional work phases. Instruction areas will include:

  • Resume preparation
  • Workplace skills and attitudes
  • Responsibility
  • Interacting with others at the workplace
  • Habits of wellness
  • Planning for success
  • Computer/Internet skills

Intervention Services

Are you losing a loved one to alcoholism or addiction? Do you often feel that there’s no hope?  You don’t have to watch your loved one slip farther and farther away day by day. You don’t have to feel the pain that addiction brings to individuals, their families and friends.

The intervention process is a caring approach in helping an individual feel loved and supported as they accept help. Families often wait for their loved one to seek the help they need when in reality they are the ones in the grasp of an addiction, Their addiction tells them they will be “ok” and “they can change things” themselves. The voice of addiction does not want your loved one to seek help. The involvement of family and friends and a professional is often the only thing standing between life and death for an individual struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction The process is an educational, caring and sensitive process. More is lost by waiting on your loved one, than taking the necessary steps to helping them. It is incumbent upon the friends and families to take control of the situation. A skilled professional interventionist is crucial to a successful process.

Meet, Patricia Peters, a Professional Counselor and Interventionist of over 20 years. She holds a license and various certifications in Addictions and Interventions. She has trained with some of the nation’s most reputable professionals and various agencies proudly facilitating over 600 interventions nationwide.  Her training embraces various intervention models to ensure the most appropriate services necessary to get positive results.  Her own recovery, straightforward, but heart-felt, approach promotes success on many levels. It is her personal and professional opinion that interventions are as much for the family and friends as they are for the one being intervened on.

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Your Confidentiality Will Be Protected

In Alcoholics Anonymous it STATES: “Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of our program.” In our society today the need for privacy and confidentiality ranks extremely high especially in Healthcare. LakeHaven Recovery Center takes very seriously every client’s privacy and confidential. At LakeHaven Recovery Center we adhere to all regulations and guidelines as set forth by Federal/State laws and licensure guidelines, as well as National rules. Your privacy and confidentiality will always be a priority for us.

Financial Responsibility

We accept most major insurance carriers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, Value Options and Aetna as examples. However we know that in some cases insurance coverage for treatment is not an option. Please do not let this stand in the way of getting addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one. Please ask a representative from our Admissions Department the prepay rate for receiving treatment at LakeHaven Recovery Center.