Bio Therapy - Neuro Therapy

Bioenergetics Health Scans

Scan takes less than five minutes. Data results show allergen sensitivities, organ stress, spinal stress, spinal and nutritional deficiencies. Technology shows what the body wants, at what level and for how long, to be well.

Voice Remapping Therapy

When health issues arise or we have emotional challenges, we have a tone missing in our voice. Deep-rooted emotional roadblocks keep us "stuck" in a pattern. Unresolved issues come out in physical symptoms or repeated unwanted behavior. By remapping missing frequencies, clients experience life-changing transformations in a single session!

PEMF "Pulse" Therapy

The PULSE is a revolutionary medical device that has seen amazing results in the areas of pain, injury and swelling-while increasing the healing process. The pulse uses a powerful electromagnetic field that induces an electrical charge around and within cells which helps the body heal. Acute and even chronic pain can disappear completely, with just a few therapies.