What is recovery…. Recovery is the scariest  and yet most rewarding thing at the same time, to change who we are and how we think is not the easiest thing we can do. We change the very thing that defines us, that drives us, what we identify with more than our own name, even though we don’t know or care to admit it. I personally stood in my bathroom in treatment staring into the mirror and had no idea who was looking back at me. The years of hurt, anger, frustration, abuse glared back at me with a sick little grin. I knew I had to change but had no idea how to, but I knew I had to. Being honest about my life, the role I played in it was the 1st thing I had to do, after I did that it was like a snow ball effect, the pain just flowed out. Every day it became a little easier, and every day I started to recognize the person looking back at me. Then one day it just happened, I knew who I was looking at!!  The ‘light bulb’ came on so to speak, the freedom to just say what I felt was amazing. To this day I still sit in my living room, look at my wife, my dog, and my apartment and can’t believe the journey I have been through, and still going on.
by Damian Francisco
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