The mission of LakeHaven Recovery Center is to provide superior care for those individuals with Alcohol and Drug Addiction problems. Our foundation is built upon providing a safe haven for the delivery of services while maintaining the highest level of service excellence.

LakeHaven Recovery Center
Where the Journey to Recovery Begins!

LakeHaven Recovery Center is a 100 bed treatment program for adult men and women who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. We subscribe to the belief that addiction is a primary disease that, when left untreated, affects the persons emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

Behind the Name

The name “LakeHaven” was chosen because the facility is on a beautiful serene Lake. The word Haven was chosen as LakeHaven Recovery Center is a place of refuge and safety for each person as they begin their journey into recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol and drug addiction is treatable, however this requires a comprehensive treatment program that includes in some cases detoxification, as well as the use of medication, counseling, psycho-educational groups and involvement in the proven programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

These services, when applied in a safe environment, can provide effective treatment that will start a person’s journey down a road to recovery. At LakeHaven Recovery Center we will always be here for every client not only during their stay with us, but also when leave us. We are just a phone call away.

A typical response from someone addicted to alcohol or drugs is that they strongly believe they do not have a problem and that they can stop whenever they want to. Sadly in almost all instances they cannot and will need professional help.

A Lifetime Responsibility

Individuals who are addicted to alcohol or drugs feel like they are worthless and that achieving sobriety is a difficult goal to reach. However, at LakeHaven Recovery Center, no matter how hopeless the person feels, we believe recovery is a possibility and with our help can be achieved. We also know that recovery is not accomplished through a stay in a treatment program; it is a lifetime responsibility that the individual must be willing to commit to in order SAVE THEIR LIFE!