Our Residential and Treatment Settings

At LakeHaven Recovery Center we understand how difficult it is to be away from loved ones and family. We have strived to make our residential and treatment environment as comfortable as possible to complement your journey into recovery.

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Our beautiful residential facility is located on a beautiful lake with many rooms offering a lake view. Each mini suite is designed for only two people and contains a private bathroom, full kitchen and dining area and there is a flat screen TV in every room. Within the residence there is a recreation room, work out room and an area equipped with washers and dryers.

Outside there is a swimming pool, horse shoes, volley ball and basket ball areas. There are areas where you can sit and take in the tranquil surroundings of the lake. We also have a "TIKI HUT" area where you can smoke and every Sunday we have scheduled community barbecues.

Finally as safety is a very important priority a number of staff are at the residence 24 hrs a day, seven days a week, to ensure your safety and security.

LakeHaven Recovery Center’s residential and clinical areas have been designed as a place that is conducive to exploring and addressing your clinical issues. The areas provide a safe and restful environment that contributes positively to all of the therapeutic services that are provided