Our Treatment Services

LakeHaven Recovery Center adheres to the belief, and recognizes, that addiction is a disease that if left untreated will became life threatening. As a result our treatment services are designed to provide the most intensive treatment experience possible. Our treatment is client centered. We adhere to the criteria for levels of care that has been developed by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). We incorporate the 12- step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous, with various treatments, modalities and approaches that include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Reality Therapy, etc. The treatment is provided by highly trained Therapists, Medical and support staff many who are in recovery themselves.

Treatment at LakeHaven Recovery Center is provided through the following modalities:

Individual Therapy

Each person is assigned a primary therapist who is a highly trained addiction / mental health specialist. The primary therapist will provide individual therapy as well as providing guidance in the development of the individuals master treatment plan and guiding the person throughout their stay at LakeHaven Recovery Center.

Group Therapy

The primary therapist is also responsible for providing group therapy to the individuals on their caseload. The foundation of group therapy is one person helping another. By utilizing the individualized strengths of each group member it will foster personal growth and development, addressing the negative impact of the disease and developing coping skills for the future. This experience is important as it contributes greatly to the recovery process.

Specialized Psycho-Educational Groups

The treatment foundation at LakeHaven Recovery Center are the principles established in Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous (AA/NA). As such this area is an important part of our treatment program. LakeHaven Recovery Center has highly trained Recovery Coaches who themselves are in Recovery. The Recovery Coaches responsibilities include providing specialized educational groups around addiction, helping our clients work through the first 3-steps of AA/NA and being a daily support system for our clients as they address their addiction. They also coordinate daily attendance at outside and in house AA/NA meetings.

Case Management Services

Addiction impacts so many parts of a person’s life that all too often our clients need help in wading through such areas as social service, legal issues, employment issues, back to work issues, etc. To assist in this regard LakeHaven Recovery Center employs Case Managers whose sole purpose is to assist the client any way they can to alleviate the stress associated with the above areas.

Supportive Therapeutic Services

LakeHaven Recovery Center provides other therapeutic interventions such as physical conditioning, art therapy, music therapy, Yoga, Tai-Chi , Job coaching, etc. These services help to provide an overall holistic approach to a person’s treatment in respect to mind, body and soul.