The Traditional Program

The LakeHaven Traditional Program is an alcohol and drug treatment program whose foundation is based on the highly successful principals of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous. The program has been designed to not only address addiction, but also the underlying causes and co-occurring mental health issues.

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New Life

The New Life program has been designed to provide individuals, from all denominations with a strong spiritual foundation to support their recovery program. The program is highlighted by integration of the Christian 12-steps, attendance at church services and Celebrate Recovery, specialized faith based treatment/educational materials and faith based recovering speakers. The staff, who are recovering, have a strong faith based foundation to their treatment philosophy and their personal recovery.

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First Call

First Call is a specialized treatment program for Correction Officers, Police, Firefighters and EMS. At LakeHaven Recovery Center we recognize that First Responders must cope with stress, trauma and tragedy on a daily basis. All too often this exposure leads to alcohol and drug addiction. The specially trained staff of the First Call program help individuals address their addiction and the underlying causes.

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Forgotten Mom

The Forgotten Mom program is for pregnant mothers who are struggling with addiction. After experiencing a specialized medical detox, the pregnant mom will arrive at Lakehaven drug free. The expecting mother will undergo a thorough clinical assessment to develop an individualized comprehensive treatment plan, compassionate support, coping skills and therapeutic services in order to prepare her for a successful future for her and her new bundle of joy.

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New Beginnings

This program component is specifically designed to welcome, support and acclimate new clients to LakeHaven Recovery Center and the treatment process. Involvement in New Beginnings lasts 3 to 5 days. We recognize that coming into treatment is a courageous and lifesaving decision. Through New Beginnings you will have a foundation of information regarding your addiction from which to build upon as you begin your journey into recovery.