A specialized Program For
Correctional Officers – Firefighters – Police – EMS

Today police officers, firemen, EMT’s and correctional officers are the first responders at the time of an emergency. These positions come with great satisfaction knowing they are helping those in need. However we also know that these positions come with great stress.

All too often the stress of the job leads to substance abuse, depression and post-traumatic stress. The First Call program is designed to help individuals and their families with alcohol and drug addiction as well as the underlying causes.

At the First Call program at LakeHaven Recovery Center we recognize that first responders must cope with trauma and tragedy on a daily basis. As a result a specialized program that focuses on these individuals unique needs in a sensitive and caring manner has been developed.

All of the staff have participated in specialized training so they can better serve the men and woman in the First Call program. Our staff is made up of qualified individuals experienced in addiction, trauma and mental health. The Program consists of a comprehensive evaluation, individual, group and family therapy, EMDR therapy, neuro-biofeedback, involvement in AA and NA, special psycho-educational lectures, recreational therapy and a comprehensive aftercare plan for when the individual returns home.

All of our treatment services take into account the specific needs of first responders. We also have available the services of our Medical Director / Psychiatrist who will see every client and together decide if medication will be an option as part of an overall treatment plan for that individual.

The First Call program believes in a comprehensive holistic approach to treatment. We believe that success is based on a number of areas that include counseling, meditation, stress relief techniques, living a balanced and healthy lifestyle and a program committed to the principles of AA and NA.

Finally the First Call program services are provided in a relaxed professional atmosphere that is highlighted by our residence. Here the person will live in a newly renovated residential facility that is located on a beautiful serene lake. The facility is equipped with a pool, a workout area and other recreational activities. All rooms are semi private with a full kitchen, flat screen TV and private bathroom.

 Signs and Things to Look For

  • Recurrent use of alcohol or drugs
  • Failure to fullfill work and home duties
  • Mood and behavior changes such as anxiety, depression, agitation and withdrawal
  • Using other people’s medication
  • Previous alcohol or drug history
  • Spending less time with family and friends
  • Tolerance-needing more to stay intoxicated
  • Using more of prescribed medication than precribed
  • Legal problems as a result of alcohol or drug abuse
  • Developing unsubstantiated medical conditions to obtain medication