Drug and Alcohol
Rehab for Pregnant Women

We subscribe to the belief that addiction is a primary disease that, when left untreated, affects the persons emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

The Forgotten Mom is a program specially designed by the staff at LakeHaven Recovery Center for expecting Moms who are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. Each day we hear on the news about some person whose life has been impacted by addiction. However what we rarely hear about is the pregnant and addicted Mom and her unborn child. They too often are the forgotten ones. Who is going to advocate and step forward to address the challenges for that Mother and her unborn child? LakeHaven Recovery Center has accepted the challenge and will provide one of the finest programs anywhere. The program begins with the pregnant mom entering into a highly specialized Medical detox program for pregnant women. Here they will be safely detoxed from alcohol and drugs by a physician specifically trained to deal with the complexities of alcohol and drug addiction withdrawal. The goal being to protect and keep safe the mother and her unborn child. Following completion of the detox phase the mother will enter the Forgotten Mom’s program at LakeHaven Recovery Center.

The Mom and her unborn child arrive at LakeHaven alcohol and drug free. Upon admission the mom is provided a comprehensive assessment that will contribute to the development of a Master Treatment Plan. The moms will also begin a regimen of empirically researched psychological therapies to uncover the core reasons for her addiction. LakeHaven’s highly trained clinical staff will assist and encourage our Forgotten Moms to get closure on their past and look towards the future with a new bundle of reasons to be in recovery.

After gaining insight into the reason or reasons for the choices they have made in their lives, our Forgotten Moms learn and practice skills they will need in order to insure they make positive choices going forward. The program integrates the 12 steps of Alcohol and Narcotics Anonymous with individual, group and family therapy. The program also includes specialized psychoeducational training on Human Growth and Development, proper nutrition for the Mom and her child and the effects of substances on the unborn child. The program will also provide prenatal yoga, music and art therapy, biofeedback and relaxation techniques.

logo-forgottenmomLakeHaven will insure that the Mom sees her OBGYN physician while in treatment and if she does not have a physician we will arrange for a referral and schedule appointments with the new physician. Also the Case Management Department will link the mom up to community resources to address any other social service needs that are required by the mom and her child.

The program has been designed to insure that we are keeping the Mom and her unborn child safe and comfortable while enhancing the personal growth and development of the mom that will prepare them for the life to come.

When a woman leaves LakeHaven Recovery Center they are no longer a forgotten Mom, but they will have gathered the strengths and skills they will need to insure a positive life for her and her child. The Mom will always have the support of the staff at LakeHaven Recovery Center.