A Safe Environment for Families
to Begin Healing Together

At LakeHaven Recovery Center, we believe that family involvement is one of the key ingredients to the addict’s journey of healing and recovery. Alcoholism and substance abuse have long been recognized as family diseases, but only recently have treatment approaches sought to work more closely with the family system. LakeHaven is consistently seeking to ensure we provide best practice services to assist our clients in embracing the life they deserve. Hence, our clients are offered not only individual therapy, but family sessions facilitated by each client’s primary therapist. LakeHaven’s Family Services Department also offers on-going support through the Seeds of Hope family program and the Families in Recovery for Life Facebook page. Please visit our website for more information about upcoming programs and testimonials. 

Seeds of Hope Family Program

LakeHaven provides the opportunity for all families whose loved one is currently in our care to participate in the Seeds of Hope family program. This two day conference creates a safe environment for the entire family to begin healing as a cohesive family system. It is hoped that participation would assist family members to reengage, open the lines of communication and rebuild the emotional connection that addiction often destroys.

Families in Recovery for Life

LakeHaven’s Families in Recovery for Life is a support group for all families who had a loved one come through the doors of our recovery center. In this group families can continue to nurture their seeds of hope that the family would recover from the disease of alcoholism and addiction. This facebook page also provides the forum for families attending the monthly family conference to stay connected and support each other as they share not only their struggles, but strength and hope.