The Recovery Miracle


Medication-Assisted Treatment Protocols

LakeHaven Recovery Center prides itself in providing powerful and evidence-based addiction treatment services to its clients. Throughout the years of treating alcohol and drug addiction it has become clear that the most impressive treatment approach for clients involves a combination of modalities that effectively heal both the physiological and the psychosocial elements of addiction. For long-term recovery results, this consists of a strong 12-step foundation and administration of an empirically vetted Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT).

One of the most powerful treatment protocols offered at LakeHaven is The Recovery Miracle(™) protocol. This protocol includes the MAT called naltrexone in the form of Vivitrol(R). The MAT addresses the physiological needs of the patient while the various treatment programs offered at LakeHaven address the psychosocial.

How MAT Works

Because of its above average success rate, The Recovery Miracle(™) protocol is a staple offered to LakeHaven patients. Prescribing and administration of this MAT is determined by LakeHaven clinical staff during each client’s intake screening and is reevaluated during successive treatment screenings.

Every person is different and this MAT may not be applicable to or work for everyone, which is why comprehensive evaluations are completed and the initial administration of the medication is done in the safe environment of a treatment facility such as LakeHaven.

Addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease and LakeHaven adheres to the philosophy that a combination of intensive counseling that addresses the psychological aspect of treatment, in combination with an MAT, like naltrexone, is most effective.

This intensive and combined approach has proven to be significantly effective providing the individual with the best chance at maintaining their sobriety and lowers the chance of relapse.


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